7 May 2024

Uncovering the Chinese Olympic swimming drug scandal: Journalist Tariq Panja

From Nights, 10:18 pm on 7 May 2024

Just months out for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, the event has been rocked by the revelation 23 Chinese swimmers were allowed to compete at the 2021 games in Tokyo, despite testing positive for the banned substance Trimetazidine months earlier.

After pressure from national anti-doping agencies, including Drug Free Sport NZ, the World Anti-Doping Agency conducted an independent review of the case. But that has led to even more criticism after the review reiterated a Chinese investigation which found the these cases could be a case of group contamination.

Emile Donovan talks to New York Times journalist Tariq Panja, who was part of the team which uncovered the scandal.


Swimming. Photo: Photosport