2 May 2024

New Zealand's emerging artists preserved on glossy paper

From Nights, 10:45 pm on 2 May 2024

Called a 'music mag for the music mad', Newzician Magazine features profiles, interviews and photo spreads on emerging independent musicians across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Run by a small team of three, the magazine publishes annually, in print, recently releasing their third issue.

So why print, to create a “time capsule,” co-founder Sam Elliot tells Nights.

Sam, Rosa and Flynn pose for the camera. They are all smiling. Rosa holds a copy of Newzician magazine.

Sam Elliott, Rosa Nevison and Flynn Robson are the co-founders of Newzician Magazine, an independent print publication celebrating New Zealand music. Photo: Newzician Magazine

“A permanent piece that was more than just the sum of its parts.

“Really good design, excellent writing…to create something that was bigger than just the features inside and told a broader story, give a bit of a vignette of the scene and the country's music as a whole.”

While print has obvious limitations, it has strengths too, Elliot says.

“Its limitations are also the opportunities to make something really good.

“So, it's really permanent, everything has to be a very intentional decision. And you can't just nip in and edit the website once it's been sent off to the printer, because those spelling mistakes are gonna stay there.”