Agony Aunt: 'Can you ask someone out at their workplace?'

From Nights, 9:15 pm on 1 May 2024

Nights' resident Agony Aunt, comedian Courtney Dawson is back and ready to answer your quandaries, your palavers, your misgivings.

And remember, you can always send in your own problems for Courtney to give advice on: you can email us on or text on 2101 and remain totally anonymous.

Coffee Culture

"My friend fancies a man who works at her local coffee shop. She goes in frequently, chats to him, laughs, is a total flirt. They know each other's names and everything. But nothing has escalated to getting each other's contacts or setting up a date. She is convinced it's disrespectful, bordering on harassment, to ask someone out at their place of work. I disagree, especially having seen how much they clearly like each other. Please weigh in."

Sleepless in Sydney

"I've recently relocated to a new city with my partner, which is amazing, but I really don't I know many people here and forging new friendships hasn't been as easy as I hoped.

My partner has connections from when she lived here before, and while I've been welcomed into her circle of friends,  for my own sanity I need something outside that.

So earlier this year when I ran into a former university friend It felt like this was an opportunity to reignite an old friendship.

We were really close back in the day, but as happens we just naturally drifted apart after graduating.

Initially she was keen to catch up, but every time I've reached out since the response has been lukewarm at best.

Despite months of effort on my part to arrange a meet-up, it hasn't materialized.

So is it time to let go and should I be disheartened by their reluctance to reconnect? I really wanted this to work out. 

Also any advice on finding new friends as an adult would be greatly appreciated."

Courtney Dawson is looking up to the left, off-camera. She is wearing a white shirt and a gold chain necklace.

Courtney Dawson is a comedian based in Tāmaki Mākaurau. Photo: Supplied