30 Apr 2024

Kiwi ultramarathon runner aiming to break world record

From Nights, 10:18 pm on 30 April 2024

The immortal prophet American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson once sang what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Kiwi ultra marathon runner Sam Harvey takes that to the limit.

This weekend, he's hoping to not only win the Dead Cow Gully race in Australia, but break the work record running continuously for 800km in 120 hours.

He speaks to Emile Donovan.

Ultra Runner Sam runs through a gate on a dusty road during the 2023 Dead Cow Gully race in Australia.

After equaling the world record for for most laps completed in a single ultra running event, 101 hours and 677km, at last years Dead Cow Gully race in Australia, kiwi ultra runner Sam Harvey is having another crack this time aiming to run for 120 hours and 800km. Photo: Photo Supplied by Sam Harvey