26 Apr 2024

This Weekend: Guinea pigs galore in Waimauku

From Nights, 9:15 pm on 26 April 2024

Every Friday, we bring you some of the most interesting events and happenings coming up in Aotearoa this weekend - from the community fairs to the massive concerts.

This Saturday, in the Auckland village of Waimauku, hundreds of guinea pigs will be gussying up to be named Mr or Ms Auckland at the Auckland Guinea Pig Show.

President of the Auckland Cavy Club Andy Laurie joins Emile Donovan.

A judging table with a dozen well-behaved guinea pigs sitting on blue mats. Their owners stand behind them. A judge talks animatedly in front of them.

Guinea pigs emerged as a hobby pet in New Zealand during the 1970s, when a keen breeder emigrated from the United Kingdom. Photo: New Zealand National Cavy Show