16 Apr 2024

Making it up on the spot with Joe Bill

From Nights, 10:30 pm on 16 April 2024

Joe Bill has been called one of the best teachers of improvisation in America today.

He first practiced improv - that is making theatre up on the spot, with no lines - back in 1977, and the improv mindset has taken him all across the world, performing, directing, coaching businesses, and even leading him through a brush with cancer.

He's in New Zealand for the Auckland Improv Festival doing a number of sold-out workshops and performing his one-hour special Rough Cuts.

Joe Bill joins Emile Donovan.

Joe stands on a stage gesturing and speaking against a black background.

Joe Bill has taught improv skills to corporate clients like Disney, PepsiCo, American Express, and the CIA. Photo: Supplied