16 Apr 2024

'Black gold': Why ​NZ grown black garlic is in high demand

From Nights, 9:50 pm on 16 April 2024

Neudorf Black is New Zealand's leading Black Garlic producer supplying the largest range of Black Garlic condiments in the country.

Nestled between the sea and mountains in the sunny Tasman region, Neudorf Black is proud to be a member of the artisanal food and beverage community across the top of the South Island.

It's owned and managed by the husband-and-wife team, Noël and Teena Jelsma. Noël join Nights.

Here's Teena's recipe for creamy portobello mushrooms with black garlic puree

Noël and Teena sit on a bench outside holding a braid of garlic between them and smiling.

Noël and Teena took the reins to Neudorf Black in 2019, and run the black garlic oven on their property in Moutere, Nelson. Photo: Supplied