11 Apr 2024

How to read a poem

From Nights, 9:35 pm on 11 April 2024

Have the words 'I'm just not a poetry person' ever left your lips? 

Poetry can be intimidating, confounding, or straight-up weird. But Chris Tse says it's all about finding the right poem.

The New Zealand Poet Laureate gives Emile Donovan a crash course on how to approach reading, understanding, and loving a poem.

Chris is also the editor of Best New Zealand Poems 2023, a compilation of 25 poems by Aotearoa writers, which is out now.

Tonight's poems include:

  • Crying at the disco by Chris Tse
  • When You Are Old by William Yeats
  • Make Sure by Jenny Bornholdt
  • Duplex (I Begin With Love) by Jericho Brown
Chris Tse

Photo: Chris Tse