5 Apr 2024

This Weekend: Bee-themed cuisine in Tauranga

From Nights, 9:15 pm on 5 April 2024

Every Friday, we bring you some of the most interesting events and happenings coming up in Aotearoa this weekend - from the community fairs to the massive concerts.

This weekend, a chef in Tauranga is showcasing the remarkable world of bees.

Mead, bee-infused cocktails, and a two-course meal using bee products from a local apiary are all on the menu at restaurant Kitchen Takeover as part of the Flavours of Plenty Festival.

Ian Harrison is the head chef of Kitchen Takeover and joins Mark Leishman.

A white plate, featuring finely presented honey products. Two scoops of icecream, with blobs of honey, and shards of honeycomb.

The Mead and a Feed dining experience is being offered on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April as part of the Flavours of Plenty festival. Photo: Kitchen Takeover