6 Mar 2024

Dunedin mayor goes pink for international popstar

From Nights, 10:45 pm on 6 March 2024

US pop singer Pink played to a 35,000-strong crowd in Dunedin last night, the first of three shows in New Zealand.

The singer is one of the most popular artists across Australia in New Zealand in history, with more than 700,000 tickets to her tour sold across the Tasman.

Among her fans is Dunedin's very own mayor, Jules Radich.

He gives Emile Donovan an exclusive review of her concert.

Jules Radich smiles broadly at the camera. He holds his jacket open to show a pink tshirt with the gothic logo "DUNEDIN". He is standing in the mosh of the Pink concert. There are large bright screens behind him, and hundreds of people.

Dunedin Mayor Jules Radich was one of 35,000 super fans who turned out to see Pink at Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo: Facebook