New Zealanders encouraged to get out and meet their neighbours

From Nights, 9:40 pm on 29 February 2024

Over the past few decades, New Zealanders have shifted the way they live to lead more individual lives. The social role of the neighbourhood for support and friendship has diminished for some.

Neighbours Aotearoa wants to buck the trend.

In the month of March, they're encouraging neighbourhoods across the country to get together and make new connections. 

Lead connector Lucette Hindin joins Emile Donovan.

A group of people sitting on green plastic deck chairs carrying plastic cups and smiling at the camera. There are many more people barbecuing and chatting in the background.

Over the past five years, Neighbours Aotearoa has facilitated over 3,000 neighbourhood activities, like barbecues, clothes swaps, and sharing seeds. Photo: Neighbours Aotearoa