23 Feb 2024

This Weekend: 3,000 rubber ducks for mental health

From Nights, 9:15 pm on 23 February 2024

Every Friday, we bring you some of the most interesting events and happenings coming up in Aotearoa this weekend - from the community fairs to the massive concerts.

In Taranaki, 3,000 rubber ducks will be racing down the Huatoki Stream this Saturday. People and companies can sponsor a duck to race, with the money going to local mental health charity Taranaki Retreat.

Caroline Silk is the chief executive of Taranaki Retreat and the organiser of The Waimanako Duck Race and she joins Todd Zaner.

Hundreds of yellow rubber ducks and large, inflatable swans crowd around a stream with a net guarding the starting line.

Over 3,000 rubber ducks and 'corporate swans' will race down Taranaki's Huatoki Stream on Saturday 24 February as a fundraiser for local mental health organisation Taranaki Retreat. Photo: Supplied