25 Jan 2024

Christchurch tram painstakingly restored to its former glory

From Nights, 9:40 pm on 25 January 2024

Almost seventy years after it was taken off the tracks, an original Christchurch tram has been painstakingly restored to its 1920 appearance.

Tram 24 used to run on the Papanui Cashmere line and has lived a varied afterlife, being used as a farm shed and even as a Sunday School until being rescued by the Tramway Historical Society.

It has taken a group of diehard volunteers and experts over 12 years to restore Tram 24 to her former glory.

Emile Donovan speaks to Tramway Historical Society board member and restoration team member Stephen Taylor.

Three people pose in front of a vintage red tram. They are wearing black tram conductor outfits and smiling at the camera.

As well as volunteering to restore Christchurch's heritage trams, Stephen Taylor (left) works as a tram driver. Photo: Supplied