23 Jan 2024

Amanda Palmer pops in for a quick catch-up

From Nights, 10:30 pm on 23 January 2024

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Living in New Zealand for two and a half years during the Covid pandemic almost made Amanda Palmer lose her mind, and that's kind of why she chose to come back.

And now, she's back in the country with a new EP, and a tour, Amanda Palmer Comes Down For A Quick Catch-Up: Old Songs, New Songs, New Zealand Survival Songs.

Ahead of her show at Auckland's Q Theatre tomorrow night, Amanda speaks to Emile Donovan about what's happened since she was last on our shores.

Amanda and Emile look reverently at a held disco ball, which casts light around the RNZ studio they're standing in.

Amanda Palmer is back in New Zealand for a series of intimate shows as part of her tour 'Amanda Palmer Comes Down For a Quick Catch - up: Old Songs, New Songs, New Zealand Survival Songs'. Photo: Bonnie Harrison