8 Dec 2023

Fun or mad? Hundreds to tackle 100 mile, 24 hr race

From Nights, 10:22 pm on 8 December 2023

For those familiar with the topography of Dunedin, Mt Cargill stands high above the Southern city. A group of hardy souls took off from Bethunes Gully at the bottom of the peak on Friday in a new race called the Crush the Cargill 100 Miler. The aim is to complete 19 laps, which is 100 miles or 161km, up and down summit in 36 hours. Not to be out-done another group will set off at 10am tomorrow morning for the 24-hour challenge, aiming to complete as many laps as possible. And who is the brain behind this madness - that would be Steve Tripp, Dunedin ultra-runner extortioner, who chatted to Nights.