10 Nov 2021

A treasured collection of Maori language and tikanga.

From Nights, 9:10 pm on 10 November 2021

We talk to Dame Anne Salmond about a new book, Hei Taonga Ma Nga Uri Whakatipu: Treasures for the Rising Generation, which documents a project initiated by Sir Aprina Ngata. 

Hei Taonga ma nga Uri Whakatipu Treasure for the Rising Generation cover

Photo: Te Papa Press

Desperate to ensure that the Māori language and tikanga were put on record as soon as possible, Sir Aprina initiated four remarkable expeditions that saw a team from the Dominion Museum (Te Papa's predecessor), including Dame Anne's great-grandfather, James McDonald, travel across the North Island to record the tikanga Māori and art forms that Ngata feared might be disappearing.