15 Oct 2021

Willie Jackson: Māori vaccination imperative

From Nights, 10:17 pm on 15 October 2021

As a nation we're learning to think differently under Covid-19, as the government looks at what a future with covid-19 in our communities looks like. But there are concerns that some communities will bear the brunt of lifting restrictions much more than others. Since the beginning of the Delta outbreak māori health professionals have been calling for urgent measures to be put in place so the weight of the pandemic is not felt disproportionately by māori communities. There have been some big drives over the last few weeks but māori vaccination rates are still lower than other demographics and earlier this week half the new cases were māori. A man who has been thinking a lot about this is Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson. 

Vaccination Centre Sign

Vaccination Centre Sign Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver