16 Oct 2019

Rebuilding The Kainga.

From Nights, 9:35 pm on 16 October 2019

There's been a lot of talk about affordable housing - but whether those so-called affordable homes are really affordable for those receiving the average wage - or less - I'm not sure. And when it comes to New Zealanders on low incomes - Māori are disproportionally represented. Maybe it's time we tried a Māori approach to the design and construction of housing - there might be something in it for all of us.

Jade Kake is a designer, housing advocate, and researcher, she's from Ngāpuhi (Ngāti Hau me Te Parawhau), Te Whakatōhea, Te Arawa.... and she's been writing about a rennaissance of a Māori approach to housing - rebuilding the Kāinga.

Read more in her new BWB Text, Rebuilding the Kāinga: Lessons from Te Ao Hurihuri, published 7 Oct 2019 by Bridget Williams Books.

Jade Kake

Jade Kake Photo: Bridget Williams Books