19 Aug 2019

The Last Of The Flute Makers

From Nights, 7:09 pm on 19 August 2019

Stephen Wessel from Somerset in the UK is currently believed to be the last full-time craftsperson in the UK making fully handmade Boehm system flutes.

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Photo: http://www.wessel-flutes.co.uk

Stephen's impending retirement, after 35 years in the business, not only ends a long and illustrious career, but could signal the end of flutemaking in the UK - a proud tradition stretching back to the nineteenth century.

The Heritage Crafts Association has set out to save British flutemaking by seeking potential trainees interested in learning this intricate and highly-skilled craft from a retiring master.

We talk to Stephen about his career and this fantastic opportunity.

Stephen Wessel

Stephen Wessel Photo: photo by South West News Service