28 Sep 2017

‘Evolution’ by Dimmer

From Nights, 7:26 pm on 28 September 2017

If we turn around on the Stuart Street over-bridge we can see Brockville. That is where Shayne Carter grew up. He is in charge of proceedings at the awards tonight. Shayne was in his first band at high school, Bored Games. He was Dunedin's answer to Johnny Rotten. He had the sneer, the mouth, and the 'front'. And at 15, he could write the songs. He was in the Doublehappys and then the mighty Straitjacket Fits. And then Dimmer. People always say the Dunedin bands sound the same but as the years go by you see how different they all are. There are no jangling guitars in this next song, no bedroom recording, this is a song from an album that took Shayne a painstaking seven years, the first Dimmer album.