28 Sep 2017

‘What You Should Be Now’ by The Great Unwashed

From Nights, 6:38 pm on 28 September 2017

Because it has the word 'Dunedin' in the opening line and I can't think of another Flying Nun song that does: 'Saw you back in Dunedin/things seems strange there". The song is off an album recorded by the Kilgour brothers at their mum's home in Christchurch in 1983. They'd broken up the first version of The Clean and this album is laid-back, an antidote to being perceived as a 'pop band' after their unlikely flowering into the charts in 1981/2. It's a rainy Sunday afternoon album and takes you into the 'vibe' of Dunedin and the Kilgours' approach to creating - open and inventive. We play this as we drive over Lookout Point and we enter the city from the south - and there it is laid out below us in hills and harbour. Thematically this is a classic Clean/Great Unwashed song - it's about non-conforming/ resisting ennui, 'the system', the predictable life. (Part of Bryan Crump and Richard Langston's Dunedin: A Magical Musical Tour).