7:12 European Politics

Nina Hall, Assistant Professor in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University joins us once again.  Nina is back in Aotearoa New Zealand - she'll be bringing us up to date on the German election results and taking a look at the French Presidential election race currently heating up.

masks of (L-R) the leader of Germany's free democratic FDP party Christian Lindner, the co-leader of Germany's Greens (Die Gruenen) Annalena Baerbock and German Finance Minister, Vice-Chancellor and the Social Democratic SPD Party's candidate for chancellor Olaf Scholz

Photo: AFP or licensors

7:30 The Sampler

Tony Stamp has the expansive new album from Japanese-American folk singer Mia Doi Todd, Wellington-via-Los An-geles musician Vera Ellen's Flying Nun debut, and the minimal synth experiments of Ramona Gonzales, AKA Nite Jewel.

Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel Photo: supplied

8:15 Pacific Waves

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Koroi Hawkins presents a daily current affairs programme that delves deeper into the major stories of the week, through a Pacific lens, and shines a light on issues affecting Pacific people wherever they are in the world.

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Photo: RNZ Pacific

8:30 Window on The World

This picture shows gas flares at the Basrah Gas Company's (BGC) facilities in Basra on February 11, 2019. (Photo by Hussein FALEH / AFP)

Photo: AFP or licensors

Flared gas is a by-product of oil extraction and is frequently used as a method of eliminating unwanted gasses in countries such as Albania, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Russia and Nigeria.....yet, year after year deadlines set to stop the practice are missed. Tonight's Climate Question is - Why can't we stop gas flaring?

9:07 Crowd Science

In the past 18 months we have heard lots about the human immune system, as we all learn about how our bodies fight off Covid-19 and how the vaccine helps protect us. This got listener John, in Alberta, Canada, thinking about how trees and plants respond to diseases and threats. Do they have immune systems and if so, how do they work?

Bark of a Fiji Palm (Clinostigma exorrhizum) in a botanical garden, Reunion (Photo by Andre Pascal / Biosgarden / Biosphoto via AFP)

Photo: Andre Pascal / Biosphoto

9:30 30 Animals that made us Smarter

Tonight, the camel.  How can it help extend the life of medicines, making it easier to transport them across the globe?

Arabian camels (Camelus dromedarius), feral in outback, New South Wales, Australia, Pacific (Photo by Ann & Steve Toon / Robert Harding Heritage / robertharding via AFP)

Photo: Ann & Steve Toon

10:17 Late Edition 

Karyn Hay presents all the breaking news, a little analysis of the stories of the moment, and some highlights of the day on RNZ National.

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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:17 Sir Ian Taylor granted approval for self-isolation trial

Celebrated innovator Sir Ian Taylor has been approved by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to run a privately funded trial to prove self-isolation can be done safely and effectively. He's calling it #151 Off the Bench as he wants to show an alternative to an overloaded MIQ system. He joins us to discuss how he got his bid over the line.

Sir Ian Taylor.

Sir Ian Taylor. Photo: RNZ

11:07 Worlds of Music

After 11 on Worlds of Music, Here's Trevor Reekie features an interview with the late Bill Sevesi. The influential Tongan-born musician, who left an indelible stamp on Polynesian culture in Aotearoa.  

Bill Sevesi in his Mt Roskill home studio

Bill Sevesi in his Mt Roskill home studio Photo: Supplied