7:12  25 Years of Going West Festival

Going West Festival have put together a book to celebrate 25 years of the festival. It is a collection of essays from a host of Going West speakers since it's origin and will be a beautiful hardback. See press release attached. A lovely reflection of the literary scene over the last 25 years and includes the speeches of some no longer with us, Micheal King and Maurice Shadbolt. It give a real sense of history.  We're joined by going west trust chair Naomi McCleary.

Voices of Aotearoa

Photo: Going West Festival

7:35 Argyle Trio on Tour

We chat to Wilma Smith about the Argyle Trio's current tour.

Violinist Wilma Smith

Violinist Wilma Smith Photo: Supplied

8:15 Pacific Waves

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Koroi Hawkins presents a daily current affairs programme that delves deeper into the major stories of the week, through a Pacific lens, and shines a light on issues affecting Pacific people wherever they are in the world.

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Photo: RNZ Pacific

8:30 Window on The World

On Science in Action tonight, Reactivated Ebola Virus in Guinea, learning lessons from Iceland's newest volcano and the Perseverance rover's successful sampling of rocks from Jezero crater on Mars. 

This handout file illustration obtained on March 5, 2020 courtesy of NASA shows the Mars rover Perseverence.

Photo: AFP

9:10 Nights Sport

Zoe George joins us once again with news of Amiee Fisher's Canoe Racing world championship, covid forces three sides withdraw from Farah Palmer Cup and there's news of some movement at the Basin Reserve womens' toilets!

Basin Reserve

Basin Reserve Photo: Photosport

9:30 How The Electric Guitar conquered Popular Music

The first part of a BBC World Service documentary on How The Electric Guitar conquered Popular Music.  Why was it needed and how was it created? Who were the pioneers of the technology and who were the early-adopting exponents?

A vintage Gibson electric guitar is on display as part of US actor Richard Gere guitar collection set to go on sale at Christie's auction house, during a press preview in New York.

Photo: Emmanuel DUNAND / AFP

10:17 Late Edition

Bryan Crump presents all the breaking news, a little analysis of the stories of the moment, and some highlights of the day on RNZ National.

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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

11:07 Nashville Babylon

After 11, on Nashville Babylon Mark Rogers has blues from Taj Mahal, classic soul courtesy of Sam Cooke and Erma Franklin plus cosmic country from Gram Parsons.

Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons Photo: Supplied