6:05 Sonic Tonic of 2020

We have a sonic tonic dedicated to April to June of 2020

The Southern Motorway was littered with a few cars and trucks this morning. A stark contrast to the usually packed lanes seen every weekday morning before the lockdown was in place.

Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

6:30 Favourites of 2020

Back in March 2020, if you'd been listening to the show on a Wednesday evening, you'd have heard an RNZ adaptation of one of the more succesful New Zealand novels of the past 30 years - The Vintner's Luck - well that novel's author, Elizabeth Knox gave a speech to the New Zealand Festival of the Arts' Writers Programme 2020 about imagination. and why it's important - not just for a writer of fiction, but for all of us.

The transcript of that speech, which she called "Useless Grasses" was widely shared on social media.  We chatted to Elizabeth to find out more.

Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth Knox Photo: Grant Maiden

7:12 Transition Engineering - Feeding The World

Our Transition Engineer, Susan Krumdiek takes a look at how the world can feed itself in a carbon free world.

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7:30 Song Crush

Song Crush host, Tony Stamp is joined by the Programme Director at 95bFM and host of The Taite Music Prize Sarah Thomson, and Elliott Childs from RNZ. Together they assess new music from local band Prison Choir, as well as international art-rap from Open Mike Eagle, Electronic noodling from Radiohead's Thom Yorke, and more. 

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Photo: RNZ / Pinky Fang

8:30 Window on The World

Edward Stourton explores how Covid19 is rewriting the rules Britain's leaders live by and asks where it could take the UK. 

9:07 Looking Ahead to 2021

We're joined by a panel of our regular guests to take a look ahead to 2021.


Photo: Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

10:17Late Edition

After a round-up of the latest news at 10pm, we have our pick of the best interviews and news stories of the day.

11:07 Worlds of Music

After 11, on Worlds Of Music, Trevor Reekie features an interview with Napier based singer and songwriter Anthony Stretch who has just released his new sophomore album called Our Dreams Are Changing. 

Anthony Stretch

Anthony Stretch Photo: Southbound

With a reputation for captivating performances Stretch has been touring his new to positive reviews. This new album also features a new addition to Anthony's sonic palette  - he is accompanied by a 300-year-old cello under the masterful playing of Paula Sugden - this new addition transports the audience and adds a crucial new element to Stretch's songs.