7:12 Cultural Ambassador - The Music of Latin America

Mona-Lynn Courteau joins us once again with a selection of music from South America.  Tonight she'll be introducing us to Criolo from Brazil, who will play at Auckland's Powerstation on March 21. 

The tracks we played are:

Criolo - "Nas Águas" (3"56'). Album: Espiral de Ilusão (2017), Stern's Music STCD2028.

Criolo - "Esquiva de Esgrima" (4"29'). Album: Convoque seu Buda (2014), Stern's Music STCD2024.

Criolo - "Etérea" (4"13'). Single (2018).

Criolo - "Bogotá" (4"40'). Album: Espiral de Ilusão (2017), Stern's Music STCD2028.

7:35 Nights Science - New Zealand Native Fish

Stella McQueen, self-confessed native fish geek, author and field worker (and some night say "chick scientist") takes us through the proposed changes to the whitebait legislation.

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Photo: RNZ Insight/Teresa Cowie

8:15 Dateline Pacific

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Photo: RNZ

RNZ Pacific's daily current affairs programme covering the major Pacific stories of the week, with background and reaction from the people making the news.

8:30 Window on the World

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your microwave meal and wondered what dextrose and sodium nitrite are doing in your dinner?

Woman's Hands Closing Microwave Oven Door And Preparing Food At Home

Photo: 123rf

Graihagh Jackson meets three food scientists to find out what they're adding to our food, and why. 

9:07 Our Changing World

This week on Our Changing World, we join Alison Ballance for the first two episodes of Voice of the Kakapo, an audio adventure about a rare bird, a remote island and a remarkable year.

Stella-2-B is a juvenile from the bumper 2019 kākāpō breeding season.

Stella-2-B is a juvenile from the bumper 2019 kākāpō breeding season. Photo: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Jake Osborne / DOC

9:30 Overseas Correspondent

Our overseas correspondent Matoko Kakubayashi has the latest from Japan.

People wearing a mask walks past about the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China at Ginza shopping district in Tokyo, Japan, January 26, 2020.  (Photo by Hitoshi Yamada/NurPhoto)

Photo: AFP / FILE

10:17 Lately

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Photo: RNZ

Lately with Karyn Hay is a late night radio show on RNZ National, with an eye on live events, an ear for music, a great sense of humour and a genuine interest in people and their stories.

11:07 Music 101 pocket edition

On this week's Pocket Edition Tony Stamp talks to Auckland DJ Stinky Jim, about the life and legacy of Andrew Weatherall - the DJ and producer who was instrumental in the acid house scene in the '80s, helped merge electronic music with rock n' roll in the '90s, and was a hugely in-demand remixer. He died last week aged 56.

Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall Photo: supplied