7:12 New Zealand Native Fish - Potamopyrgus Snails

If you have spent any time in any river or stream you have probably seen these little guys. Tiny dark brown turrets clinging to the stones in the shallow water, or carving little pathways through the mud, lovingly licking up algae and debris. Stella McQueen joins us to tell us more.

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Photo: Stella McQueen

7:30 Song Crush

It was another strong year for music in Aotearoa,  and The Song Crush team play some more of their favourites.   
Host Kirsten Johnstone is joined by Music 101 producer and presenter Tony Stamp and Charlotte Ryan, and RNZ engineer and critic Jana Te Nahu Owen. 

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Photo: RNZ / Pinky Fang

8:15 Dateline Pacific

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Photo: RNZ

RNZ Pacific's daily current affairs programme covering the major Pacific stories of the week, with background and reaction from the people making the news.

8:30 Window on the World

Hossein Sharif is an Iranian boy, about to marry Hee Sue, a South Korean girl. 

As the families begin to meet, Sharif discovers all the criss-crossing roads that the couple's home countries have travelled. In the last 50 years, South Korea and Iran have switched places in the world table of economic prosperity. 

South Korea has risen while Iran has fallen behind. Hossein and Hee Sue's families begin to discover a parallel universe, a world of "might have beens" and divergent paths.  

9:07 White Silence

Our last episode of White Silence: It's been 40 years since 257 people died in a plane crash on the icy slopes of Mt Erebus ín Antarctica. Yet there is still no national memorial to the victims and no real consensus on what happened that day. This RNZ/Stuff collaboration asks: why has New Zealand been so unable to deal with its worst ever disaster?

White Silence is a podcast from Stuff and RNZ on the Erebus disaster, Air New Zealand's darkest hour.

White Silence is a podcast from Stuff and RNZ on the Erebus disaster, Air New Zealand's darkest hour. Photo: Stuff / Sungmi Kim

10:17 Lately

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Photo: RNZ

Lately with Karyn Hay is a late night radio show on RNZ National, with an eye on live events, an ear for music, a great sense of humour and a genuine interest in people and their stories.

11:07 Worlds of Music

After 11 on Worlds of Music, Trevor Reekie has an interview with authors Grant Gillanders & Robyn Welsh talking about their excellent newly published book called "Wired For Sound - The Stebbing History of New Zealand Music".

Wired For Sound

Wired For Sound Photo: supplied