7:07 Sonic Tonic - Purple

What's your favourite purple thing?

Genus lycaena purple wings

Genus lycaena purple wings Photo: iNaturalist by Jon Sullivan (CC BY)

8:07 Element of the Week

To mark 2019 as the year of the Periodic Table, RNZ Nights has teamed up with the MacDiarmid Institute to bring you Element of The Week.

Tonight,  Cushla McGoverin, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Otago introduces us to the element Rubidium and the reason for tonight's sonic tonic dedicated to Purple.

8:06 Killjoy

New for Friday Nights, Killjoy is a satire about making a true-crime podcast. It blurs the line between truth and fiction and then breaks into the ‘real’ world of a (fictional) podcast producer to explore things such as obsession, ambition and the commercial imperative.

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Photo: RNZ/Laura Robinson

8:15 Dateline Pacific

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Photo: RNZ

RNZ Pacific's daily current affairs programme covering the major Pacific stories of the week, with background and reaction from the people making the news.

8:30 Friday Night Live

The APRA Silver Scroll Awards recognise the creativity and talent of NZ songwriters and composers. An important and unique part of the ceremony are local artists performing interpretations of the nominated songs. Over the course of two programmes we will feature some of the highlights.

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Photo: APRA Silver Scrolls

9:07 Country Life 

Country Life dons the cold weather gear to check out racing Siberian Huskies near Taupo, the team meets an 87 year old kiwifruit grower who fled Canton for New Zealand in 1940, and a former Japanese investment banker fled Tokyo's devasting quake to make wine in NZ.

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

10:17 Lately

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Photo: RNZ

Lately with Karyn Hay is a late night radio show on RNZ National, with an eye on live events, an ear for music, a great sense of humour and a genuine interest in people and their stories.

11:07 The Mixtape

This week, Nathan Haines picks his favourite songs.

Nathan Haines is set to re-release his groundbreaking album, Shift Left, which is still New Zealand's highest selling jazz album.

Nathan Haines is set to re-release his groundbreaking album Shift Left, which celebrates is 25 year anniversary. Photo: supplied