7:07 Sonic Tonic - Cutlery

8:10 Element of The Week

Matthew Cowan

Matthew Cowan Photo: supplied

This week's element is Silver and according to Matthew Cowan, Lecturer and Rutherford Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Canterbury, it shouldn't be in second place.

And because we’re not the only chemistry fans AND working on the principle that you can’t get too much of a good thing, you might like to check out RNZ’s other periodic table offering … a new podcast series called Elemental.

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Photo: RNZ

Elemental is hosted by science producer Alison Ballance and features Alison and chemistry professor Allan Blackman from AUT journeying alphabetically through the periodic table.


8:15 Dateline Pacific

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Photo: RNZ

RNZ Pacific's daily current affairs programme covering the major Pacific stories of the week, with background and reaction from the people making the news.

8:30 Friday Night Live

For this performance we join indie folk multi-instrumentalists The Broken Heartbreakers in two studio sessions for RNZ's Music 101.

The Broken Heartbreakers

The Broken Heartbreakers Photo: Supplied

9:07 Country Life 

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

Country Life has an Archaeologist who digs hardy animals, plus Dr Gosia Zobel on the mood of goats, and the resilient orcharding couple who had to take a chainsaw to their newly planted orchard! That was after PSA hit combined with the massive clean-up job after Cyclone Cook. They say growing is such a fickle business that they expect to have no income for one year in every seven.

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

10:17 Lately

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Lately with Karyn Hay is a late night radio show on RNZ National, with an eye on live events, an ear for music, a great sense of humour and a genuine interest in people and their stories.

11:07 The Mixtape

For the latest series of The Mixtape, RNZ Music invites guests to compile a C60 of local sounds, and talk us through their selections.

Lorraine Barry is the manager behind so many of our favourite or well-known local artists. She manages Dave Dobbyn, Tom Scott, Mark Vanilau and Nomad.

Lorraine Barry

Lorraine Barry Photo: RNZ / Yadana Saw

Her international career as Virgin Records executive saw her working with Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, Ice T, Soul II Soul and most famously the Spice Girls.

Lorraine Barry shares her mixtape with Yadana Saw