7:12 Is twitterverse teaching harming our students?

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Teacher Ben Robson heard our discussion with the Mind Lab last week and although he doesn't disagree with the use of technology in our schools, he does have some concerns and asks are we helping or hindering students in our drive to 'modernise' the New Zealand school system?

7:30  At The Movies

On At The Movies, Simon Morris is as curious as anyone about how Taika Waititi does directing blockbuster Thor Ragnarok.  Bad luck for the competition:  the cult-y Brigsby Bear and period drama Tulip Fever, starring Alicia Vikander and Judi Dench.

8:12 Pacific Specifics

RNZI Senior Journalist Johnny Blades joins us with a closer look at some of the stories from the Pacific.

8:30 Great Ideas

RNZ’s Megan Whelan leads a panel of experts as they discuss the future of food - can science create a perfect food? Will we all be eating crickets in 50 years? And what is all the fuss about turmeric?

9:07 The Drama Hour

9:07 Episode 6 of 'LifeAfter' by Mack Rogers

Ross Barnes, the FBI Clerk caught while spying on his employer, is persuaded to turn double-agent and begins a new chapter in Episode 6 of 'LifeAfter', our sci-fi serial.

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9:30 Part Six of 'The 10pm Question' by Kate de Goldi

Only Ma listens patiently to 12 year old Frankie's 10 p.m. anxieties. But of course, it is Ma who is the cause of the most worrying question of all, the one that Frankie can never bring himself to ask.

10:17 Late Edition

A round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Dateline Pacific from RNZ International,

11:07 Inside Out

Nick Tipping hosts a journey through the jazz spectrum playing favourites, standards and new releases along the way.

This week Nick takes a trip 50 years into the past, checking out some of the great jazz albums of 1967, including Joe Henderson’s The Kicker, Stan Getz’s Sweet Rain, and Bill Evans’ Further Conversations with Myself.