7:12 Being a psychopath and studying them too

Jim Fallon found out he was a psychopath whilst studying psychopaths. Except he's what you'd call a "social" pyschopath, he has a family, and even friends. He describes his younger self  as a class clown, and a catholic boy. But scratching the surface he always knew he was a little different, and those closest to him felt the same. 

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Photo: Silence of the lambs

7:35 Upbeat

We meet The Brothers Tam  - Three young Aucklanders who are all  members of the latest New Zealand Youth Choir

8:12 Nights' Science - Mark Apperley

Mark Apperley will be talking the internet of things. 

8:30 Window on the World

Our 'Window On The World' feature tonight  is an affectionate portrait of Elizabeth  Koinange - a woman who lives a short drive outside Nairobi where she celebrated her 117th birthday this year. Her story, and that of her family, is told by Elizabeth's own great-granddaughter. The joy of family life is captured as many generations come together. But it is a short mental journey to the past and more turbulent times when torture and death awaited some Kenyans who opposed British Colonial rule 

9:30 Insight

Another episode of Insight.

10:17 Late Edition

A roundup of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International.

11:07 Nashville Babylon

Every week on Nashville Babylon Mark Rogers presents the very best in alt.country, Americana and  soul and blues… 

On this week's show Mark spins favourites from Dusty Springfield, Van Morrison and John Hammond Jnr. The jazz tones of Lee Morgan also filter through and Lambchop take on a Curtis Mayfield classic.

In Nights with Bryan Crump  …after the 11 o'clock news