7:12 Our Own Odysseys: Greek Village Doppelganger
Lynda Mara traveled with her mother, to the islands of Samos, Paros and Mykonos in 1996, where she enjoyed dazzling white architecture (they put salt in the plaster to make it sparkle) met working donkeys, got locked out during the siesta, met a spitting image of her daughter and didn’t smash a single plate...

7:30 The Sampler 
music album reviews & music discussion with Nick Bollinger

8:12 Window on the World - The Truth About Diabetes pt 3 of 4
international public radio documentaries

8:43 Nights' Pundit - Right Thinking
the rationales of individual freedom and personal responsibility with Eric Crampton, head of research at The New Zealand Initiative... economics and digital content: copyright, censorship and Netflix...

pundit roster: Economics, Philosophy, Right Thinking, Military History, Feminism, Left Thinking, Mathematics, NZ History, Religion & Kai A Miro (Maori Issues) 

8:59 conundrum clue 3

C.K. Stead

C.K. Stead Photo: SUPPLIED / Marti Friedlander

9:59 conundrum clue 4

10:17 Late Edition 
a round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 At the Eleventh Hour - The Shed
music representing Planet Earth's myriad of cultures

... nights' time is the right time...