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Charles Johnson, The History of the Most Noted Highwaymen, Street-Robbers, Pirates, &c.

Charles Johnson, The History of the Most Noted Highwaymen, Street-Robbers, Pirates, &c. Photo: Birmingham: R. Walker, 1734 repr. London: Thomas Tegg, 1839

he's now considered a romantic rogue, but the reputation of Robin Hood took a battering in the 18th century where in popular criminal biographies he was often portrayed as a cruel, cold-hearted killer - with Stephen Basdeo, PhD student at Leeds Trinity University researching the popular literature of crime from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries...

7:30 Spectrum - If these walls could talk
> New Zealand people and their stories

8:12 Windows on the World - Changing Climate Change: The Science pt 3 of 3
> international public radio documentaries

8:43 The Overseas Correspondents - VIET NAM
US born journalist and correspondent for Bloomberg BNA, Lien Hoang reports from the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, pop. 90,730,000 (est. 2014)...

roster: Liat Collins (Jerusalem, Israel); Motoko Kakubayashi (Tokyo, Japan); Will Flockton (Brighton, England); Shoba Narayan (Bangalore, India); Silver Tambur (Tallinn, Estonia); Nida' Tuma (Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine); Eri Garuti (Saint-Genis-Laval, France & Italy); Pablo Pires Fernandes (Belo Horizonte, Brazil); Peggy Revell (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada); Lien Hoang (Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam); & Tabu Butagira (Kampala, Uganda)

8:59 conundrum clue 5

9:07 The Drama Hour - News Bomb pt 2 of 2 & The Big Squeak 

9:59 conundrum clue 6

10:17 Late Edition
> a round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 The Eleventh Hour - A Short History of Jazz - The 1980s
> jazzy jazz

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