7:10 The future of cycling

Bryan speaks to delegates at this Waikato University organised event on the future of pedal power. From somewhere underneath the Cambridge Velodrome, he chats with Ashley Burgess from the cycle support group, WORD, and Dr Mark Falcous from Otago University about the many ways to ride a bike (as many as there are to drive a car).

7:35 At the Movies

Simon Morris looks at two contrasting streets; London Road, based on the stage-show musical, and Tangerine - life on the hustle on Hollywood Boulevard. He also reviews a new Kiwi hip-hop musical Born To Dance and the feelgood comedy The Intern starring Ribert de Niro and Anne Hathaway.

8:10 Window on the World: Tea

It's one of the world's most popular drinks and much of it comes from India. But working conditions on tea plantations have been criticised by human rights groups who say that employees often endure long hours and insanitary conditions. The BBC's Jane Deith spends time with the tea workers of Assam.

8:40 Cultural Ambassador: Fergus Barrowman

Brings the new jazz releases. Including albums from Norman Meehan, Hannah Griffin, Hayden Chisholm (Small Holes in the Silence) the Stefano Battaglia Trio, and Cecile McLorin Salvant.

9:07: Our Changing World

How a pandemic flu scenario might play out, using the folk of Great Barrier Island as guinea-people, some of the lessons we've learned from moving animals around for conservation, and the feasibility of eating a low-sodium diet. Don't take it with a grain of salt...

10:17 Late Edition

Highlights of the day on Radio New Zealand National and International (with Dateline Pacific).

11:07 Music 101 Pocket Edition

Martin Doherty from the Scottish electonica group Chvrches' talks trolls, Luna's Britta Phillips talks Jem and the Holograms and BFM DJs Dubhead and Stinky Jim reflect on 25 years on Auckland's airwaves.