7:10 Won't Stop For Gas

University of Sydney engineering student Bob Miles along with his Green Way Up colleagues are attempting to drive around the world without having to fill up their vehicles at petrol stations.

7:30 Spectrum

People, places and events in New Zealand.

8:00 News & Weather

8:15 Windows on the World

International public radio documentaries - visit the Windows on the World web page to find links to these documentaries.

8:40 Arts: Reggae

Getting the one drop on riddim, rock steady, ska, roots and culture with deejay and toaster Miles Buckingham.

Roots Archive

9:00 News & Weather

9:06 The Wednesday Drama: Player One: What is to Become of Us by Douglas Coupland (CBC) 

Hour One: Cue the Flaming Zeppelin
Five charaqcters are marooned in an airport bar.  Karen is a single mother waiting for her online date; Rick is the down-on-his-luck airport lounge bartender; Luke is a pastor on the run; Rachel is a cool Hitchcock blonde incapable of true human contact; and the mysterious Player One. While the world as they know it comes to an end, each begins to reveal  the truth about themselves. (Part 1 of 5, CBC)

10:00 News & Weather

10:17 Late Edition

A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11:00 News & Weather

11:06 Round Midnight with Martin Kwok

Bringing vinyl archives back to the foreground, and celebrating the work of jazz pioneers from throughout the eras.