Nights for Wednesday 19 August 2009

7 pm News & Weather

7:15 Tunnel Music

John Morton, composer

Composing music for a tunnel just north of the Central Park Zoo in New York.

7:30 At The Movies

Film reviews and movie business with Simon Morris.

8 pm News & Weather

8:15 Windows on the World:

International public radio documentaries

8:45 A Leaf Of Words - poetry

Chris Price, poet, curator and artist

A word here and there may imply more than what those words meant to mean ... the new New Zealand Poet Laureate, Cilla McQueen.

8:59 Conundrum: Clue 5

9 pm News & Weather

9:06 Wednesday Drama: The Lonesome Buckwhips

Live at the Gold Guitars: Part 3 of 4

The Sunday Drama continues to follow the amazing story of iconic Kiwi band The Lonesome Buckwhips - a musical and social phenomenon.

This week's episode centres around the Lonesome Buckwhip's notorious performance at the Gold Guitars in Gore and their confrontation with iconic Kiwi singer/songwriter Barry Saunders - an event that was to have a long lasting effect on the band.

We also investigate the circumstances around the arrest and imprisonment of the band's leader, Arty Buckwhip. Justin Gregory's interviews with Inspector Raymond Banks are especially revealing.

The Lonesome Buckwhips is available to listen to online.

8:59 Conundrum: Clue 6

10 pm News & Weather

10:17 Late Edition:

A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11 pm News & Weather

11:06 The Jazz Hour

Includes Round Midnight, Jazz Footprints and Jazz at Lincoln Center.