Nights for Monday 22 June 2009

7 pm News & Weather

7:20 Balibo Five

Dr John Tebbutt, senior lecturer, Media Studies Program, La Trobe University and current president of the Australian New Zealand Communication Association.

Why is the story of five journalists' deaths at Balibo in East Timor, October 1975, one of Australia's most enduring in political and popular culture?

8 pm News & Weather

8:15 Windows on the World:

International public radio documentaries.

8:45 The Final Whistle

Joseph Romanos, sports journalist, The Wellingtonian.

Analysis of the state of play from recent recreational activities.

8:59 Conundrum: Clue 1

9 pm News & Weather


A current affairs programme direct from RNZ news.

9:40 China/Japan Report

Emma Moore, correspondent, China Daily.

News and cultural insights from Beijing, the capital of People's Republic of China, pop. 1,321,851,888 (2007)... Chinese state media.

9:59 Conundrum: Clue 2

10 pm News & Weather

10:17 Late Edition:

A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11 pm News & Weather

11:06 The Birth of the Blues

Willie Dixon, one of America's greatest songwriters, put it this way, "The blues is the roots and the rest are the fruits."

Today the roots have born fruits all over the world.

Jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul music, even rap all have blues as a foundation. On the surface blues is simple, sometimes just three chords, sometimes just one chord with lyrics that repeat themselves. But below the surface there is an emotional sophistication that makes the blues one of the most intense music forms you'll ever hear.

Tonight: Blues Power

In the 1950s, Big Bill Broonzy then Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters performed in England, setting off a prolonged period of blues obsession by young British musicians.

Listeners hear in great detail about the experience from Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Bill Wyman, Mick Fleetwood, Eric Burdon, and many more.

This program features a rare recording of Crossroads from Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Steve Winwood as well as a live performance from The Yardbirds to cap off the music.

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