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Tonight on Summer Nights

19:10 Roger Shepherd

The founder of Flying Nun pops in to chat about summertime and summer tunes.

19:30 The Secret Life of Music Teachers

Many people will have memories - good or bad - of practicing an instrument and going to music lessons as a child. For the teachers too, conveying the practical and theoretical aspects of music can be a soul destroying challenge, or an exhilarating experience of shared inspiration.

In The Secret Life of Music Teachers we meet a 1950s rock obsessive who takes the coolest high school percussion classes in the country; a classically-trained violin teacher on a mission to make music compulsory; an avante garde guitarist who teaches his students never to listen to commercial radio and a choir teacher who truly believes everyone can sing.

20:10 Ghada Oliver

Ghada grew up in Israeli-occupied Lebanon. She speaks with Liam about being a muslim woman as well as a career-woman, architect, UN aid worker and devout traveller.

20:25 Chickenman!

20:30 Windows on the World

For the BBC's Discovery programme Gabrielle Walker tells the remarkable story of Dr Otto Nordenskjöld, a Swedish geologist who travelled to Antarctica in 1902 to spend the first winter on land. When the Antarctic, the ship which was meant to collect him was crushed in the Antarctic ice, both his team and the Antarctic's crew were forced to overwinter in rudimentary shelters, not knowing if the others were alive.

21:00 The World According To Charlie D: Long-Time Listener, First-Time Caller by Gail Bowen

Charlie D has Canada's most wildly popular, disturbed and disturbing late-night call-in radio show, with a legion of freakish fans. Only somebody seems to be knocking off his most devoted, and demanding listeners. And they seem to think they're just doing what he's asked them to do. The police think Charlie D has an erotomaniac stalker, and they want his help flushing him or her out--on the radio, live, coast to coast to coast. ; ; With Patrick McManus as Charlie D., Amy Matysio as Nova, Patricia Drake as Rani, Jayden Pfeifer as Podcast Pete, Tatiana Maslany as Emo Emily and Jonelle Gunderson as Britney. Written by Gail Bowen

22:30 Jack Perkins Retrospective Documentary Series - Men of Broad Arrow

Part 2: ~North Head" - John A Lee returns to the derelict gun emplacements at Auckland`s North Head where he finished off his prison sentence in 1913.

23:00 Round Midnight

Bringing vinyl archives back to the foreground, and celebrating the work of jazz pioneers from throughout the eras. Tonight is the Round Midnight series finale and our 'Jazz Around the World' spot light comes home with an entire show dedicated to New Zealand Jazz featuring George Chisholm, Norman Meehan, Crombie Murdoch and Mark de Clive-Lowe.