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Tonight on Summer Nights

19:10 Billy TK

New Zealand's blues rock legend joins us in the studio to chat about summertime and summer tunes.

19:30 The Davies Diaries

Ray Davies, singer, songwriter and legendary frontman of The Kinks tells the story of the band's heady triumpths in the sixties.

Tonight we hear Part 2 of the series: Till The End of the Day. 1965 is an explosive year; Tired Of Waiting For You, See My Friend and 'little problems with management, unions and table mannets'

20:10 Sun and Tomatoes

Professor Mark Birch-Machin of the University of Newcastle has investigated an interesting link between tomatoes and protection from the sun.

20:25 Chickenman!

20:30 Windows on the World

Coming up - a BBC look at the issue of conservation refugees, people who are moved from their traditional homelands to make way for conservation projects. The programme focuses on the Batwa people of south west Uganda who were removed from the region's forests when national parks were established to protect the habitat of mountain gorillas.

21:00 Murchison '29

A recreation of the earthquake which devastated the Buller region in June 1929: the destruction, the plight of the refugees, the struggle to break the isolation imposed by the shocks, and the costs in human and

22:30 Jack Perkins Retrospective Documentary Series - The Power of the Dog

Where would the farmer or hunter be without their faithful four-footed friends? Murray Ball and others look at the dog in the service of man.

23:00 Time Is On Our Side - The Early Years of The Rolling Stones

Mick and Keith start writing their own songs. "The Right Time", "Satisfaction" and "Get Off My Cloud" are top 10 hits. Hear Keith on Mick and Mick on Keith as well as Keith talking about the Stones - Beatles rivalry. Was it real or contrived by marketing men? Features exclusive BBC interviews and unique sessions of "Satisfaction" and Don Covey's "Mercy Mercy".