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Tonight on Summer Nights

19:10 Gaylene Preston

The Wellington director comes in to chat about her latest film "Home by Christmas" and nominates her favourite Summer Anthem.

19:30 The Secret Life of Jingle Writers

You'd be surprised who is behind some of your favourite jingles from television and radio. In the words of one well-known New Zealand singer: "If it pays well and you can't see me, I'm prepared to lose my credibility." Meet the real musicians behind the songs you might love or hate, but you just can't get out of your head. Meet the real musicians behind the songs you might love or hate, but you just can't get out of your head.

20:10 How to Write a Love Letter

Twelve-times published romance writer Abby Gaines instructs us in the fragile art of love-letter writing.

20:25 Chickenman!

20:30 Windows on the World

Across the globe, demand for water outstrips supply. One of the European countries most seriously affected is Spain, and climate change is likely to intensify problems with water supply. Desalination is now being considered as a possible answer.

For the BBC's Discovery programme Gareth Mitchell visits a state-of-the-art desalination plant in Barcelona. Commissioned in October 2008, the plant uses reverse osmosis to remove salt. When running at full capacity, the plant will provide the Barcelona region with 250 million litres of fresh water a day.

21:00 Auckland Writers and Readers Week 2008

The Whole Truth? Writers John Burnside, Gregory O'Brien and Fiona Kidman talk with Chris Price about the way in which personal memoir reinvents and reshapes history.

22:30 Jack Perkins Retrospective Documentary Series - Whacker From the Wairau

In the Wairau Valley, south of Blenheim, lies the farm of Whacker Anderson. With his cobb homestead, innumerable pet animals, peg-leg and warm heart, he is something of a Marlborough legend.

23:00 Charlie Gillet's World of Music

As Cuba marks the 50th anniversary of the revolution, Charlie selects some of his favourite tracks from the island.

23:30 Paraquat by Roger O Thornhill

Everyone has different tastes - and our late night story this evening could offend some sensitive people. So we recommend listener discretion.