Nights for Friday 16 May 2008

7pm News & Weather.

7:30 Spot Light:

Music features & mini-concerts.

8pm News & Weather.

8:10 Panic-buy Carrots Day

John Stolarczyk, Carrot Curator, UK

8:30 DNA Files - Evolution

Part 3 of 3

8:50 Conundrum:

The answer and the winner's chosen song.

9pm News & Weather.

9:06 Country Life:

Rural news & features.

10pm News & Weather.

10:17 Late Edition:

A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11pm News & Weather.

11:06 Friday Finale: The Folkways Collection

Part 17 of 20