28 Nov 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Hawkins 'Can't Leave It Alone'

From RNZ Music, 9:59 am on 28 November 2020

Wowing audiences for the best part of 15 years was step one for soul and R&B powerhouse Hawkins. The next step? His debut solo album. RNZ Music is delighted to present Hawkins’ latest single ‘Can’t Leave it Alone’, a song aimed squarely at keyboard warriors.

Vocal powerhouse Hawkins has been singing professionally since he was a teenager. He’s performed with the likes of Stan Walker, Sola Rosa, and J. Williams, and next year will finally release his debut album. 

‘Can’t Leave it Alone’, the record’s fourth single, is a pop song at heart, with touches of soul, funk, and R&B. The lyrics address keyboard warriors and ‘backstabbers’.

“It’s a prolific problem within society,” says Hawkins, “People are now able to state an opinion without fear of reprimand. Over the years, I’ve experienced judgment simply for being myself.

One of Hawkins’ aims is to encourage young people to feel comfortable in their own skin and to challenge the status quo.

The ‘Can’t Leave It Alone’ vid sees Hawkins cloned into multiple identities, all dance around joyfully. Filmed by Westone Productions, it was directed and produced by Hawkins himself!

‘Can’t Leave It Alone’ follows the album’s already-released singles ‘I Couldn’t Tell It All’, ‘Fireflies’ and ‘Streetlights’, as well as a series of live recordings including ‘All This Time’, ‘What Have You Done’ and ‘Lost Ones’, which also feature on the album as studio recordings.

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