2 Jul 2020

RNZ Music announces new web series NZ Hip Hop Stand Up

From RNZ Music, 6:00 am on 2 July 2020

RNZ Music is proud to announce new video series NZ Hip Hop Stand Up, which is out July 23rd. Featuring Scribe, Ladi6, Church & AP and more, each episode features an influential track from Aotearoa hip hop's 30-year history.

NZ Hip Hop Stand Up is a new seven-episode series about New Zealand hip hop, launching on Thursday 23rd July.

Featuring 30 artists from the 30-year history of Aotearoa hip hop, each episode of NZ Hip Hop Stand Up will showcase a significant song, with artists of all generations discussing its importance and relevance to New Zealand and NZ hip hop.

Starting in 1988 with ‘E Tū’ by Upper Hutt Posse and ending in 2019 with ‘Ready or Not’ by teen sensations Church & AP, the series talks to the major players in some of Aotearoa’s most influential and loved tracks.

Featured artists include King Kapisi, Sheelahroc, Sisters Underground, Scribe, Smashproof and Church & AP.  Three of the biggest names in Aotearoa hip hop; Ladi 6, Scribe and King Kapisi, acted as consultants on the series.

NZ Hip Hop Stand Up is directed by Chris Graham, who’s responsible for some of NZ’s most well-known and award-winning music videos for artists including Scribe, King Kapisi, Dei Hamo, Smashproof and Savage.

The series is produced by The Down Low Concept, whose credits include 7 Days and Rū Ana Te Whenua: Alien Weaponry Shake Europe.

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