29 May 2019

Nashville Babylon 27 May, 2019

From Nashville Babylon, 11:00 pm on 29 May 2019

On tonight's show Mark plays birthday tunes for Don Williams and John Fogerty, spins classic country-soul from Larry Jon Wilson and Bobbie Gentry, a track from Delaney Davidson's Self Decapitation album and old time blues courtesy of Joe Hill Louis.

Artist: Roy Budd
Track: Get Carter
Composer: Roy Budd
Album: Get Carter OST
Label: Cinephile

Artist: Larry Jon Wilson
Track: Ohoopee River Bottomland
Composer: Larry Jon Wilson
Album: Country Got Soul vol 2
Label: Casual

Artist: Bobbie Gentry
Track: Fancy
Composer: Bobbie Gentry
Album: Fancy
Label: Capitol

Artist: Delaney Davidson
Track: I Slept Late
Composer: Delaney Davidson
Album: Self Decapitation
Label: Voodoo Rhythm

Artist: Joe Hill Louis
Track: Hydromatic Woman
Composer: Louis
Album: The Be Bop Boy
Label: Bear Family

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Track: Get Down Woman
Composer: John Fogerty
Album: Creedence Clearwater Revival  

Artist: Don Williams

Track: I Recall A Gypsy Woman

Composer: Reynolds/ McDill

Album: Best Of Don Williams

Label: MCA

Artist: Lambcop
Track: The Book I Haven't Read
Composer: Mayfield / Wagner
Album: Nixon
Label: City Slang

Artist: The Doc Watson Family
Track: I Heard My Mother Weeping
Composer: Trad
Album: Tradition
Label: Rounder

Artist: The Louvin Brothers
Track: Satan Lied To Me
Composer: Trad arr The Louvin Brothers
Album: Tragic Songs Of Life

Label: Righteous

Artist: Nadine
Track: Brother
Composer: Nadine
Album: Loose: New Sounds Of The Old West
Label: Vinyl Junkie 

 Artist: Hayden
Track:This Summer
Composer:Hayden Desser
Album: Elk Lake Serenade

Label: Loose

Artist: Christy Moore
Track:The Song Of Wandering Aengus
Composer: WB Yeats / Christy Moore
Album: Now And In Time To Be

Label: Grapevine

Artist: Ry Cooder
Track: Paris Texas
Composer: Cooder
Album: Paris Texas
Label: Warners