Samuel Flynn Scott of the Phoenix Foundation

Samuel Flynn Scott of the Phoenix Foundation Photo: RNZ/Kirsten Johnstone

12:05 The Summer Sampler Radio Hour: New Orleans

Nick Bollinger looks into rich traditions of the New Orleans music that informs the latest album from The 79ers Gang.

14:05 Summer Song Crush w/ special guest Church and Dera Meelan

Tony Stamp is joined by Church of Church &AP as well as their long time producer Dera Meelan to discuss their recent musical discoveries

15:05 Celebrate! The Phoenix Foundation and the NZSO

he Phoenix Foundation with the NZSO performing at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre as part of their 2018 Celebrate! Tour.

16:05 The Mixtape: Mark Williams AKA Slave

Fat Freddys Drop hype man and Logg Cabin radio host Slave AKA Mark Williams hares his most influential tracks on the RNZ Music mixtape. He speaks with Yadana Saw


Songs played on today's show

Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together

Loretta Lynn - Coalminer's Daughter (Recitation)
David Bowie - Tryin' To Get To Heaven
Tuxedo - Dreaming in the Daytime (ft MF DOOM)
KAMAUU - MANGO ft Adeline
David Bowie - Fame
Church & AP - YEAHNAH
Demis Roussos - I Dig You
David Bowie - Heroes

Manu Dibango - Ca Va Chouia

SR MPOFU - Walk on Water