9 Jan 2021

The Summer Sampler Radio Hour: New Orleans

From The Sampler, 12:12 pm on 9 January 2021

New Orleans rap duo The 79rs Gang draw on the rich cultural and musical traditions of their hometown. Taking their 2020 release Expect The Unexpected as a starting point, Nick Bollinger traces some of those traditions, from the Black Indian masking to Creole zydeco.

79rs Gang

79rs Gang Photo: supplied

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Also included are recordings by Irma Thomas, Clifton Chenier, James Booker and The Meters.

79rs Gang - Expect The Unexpected

79rs Gang - Expect The Unexpected Photo: Bandcamp

Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas Photo: supplied

The Meters

The Meters Photo: supplied

Clifton Chenier

Clifton Chenier Photo: supplied