The Mermaidens. From left: Abraham Hollingsworth, Gussie Larkin, Lily West

The Mermaidens. From left: Abraham Hollingsworth, Gussie Larkin, Lily West Photo: Supplied

1:20 Mermaidens

Lilly from Mermaidens talks to Music 101 host Yadana Saw about the band’s new single 'Cut It Open'.

1:30 Song Crush

Kirsten Johnston is joined by Tony Stamp, Elliott Childs and Meghan Whelan to chat about the latest releases from Chris Forsyth, Big Thief, Lizzo and Rosie Lowe.

2:10 Matt Corby

Australian musician Matt Corby speaks to RNZ’s Tony Stamp about being an introverted fella who’s gained a good deal of public attention.

2:30 Damon Krukowski’s Ways Of Hearing

Former Galaxie 500 drummer Damon Krukowski talks to Elliott Childs about how digital audio has affected our lives.

3:10 Marlon Williams

Marlon Williams talks to Music 101 about tonight’s You Are Us (Aroha Nui) concert at Spark Arena In Auckland.

3:30 Booka Shade

German Electro veterans Booka Shade speaks about the scene in Berlin and making dance music in Germany with Tony Stamp.

4:05 The Mixtape: Grant Smithies

Record store owner, vinyl collector and music journalist Grant Smithies joins Yadana Saw for a special Record Store Day edition of the RNZ Mixtape.

Music played in this show


Intro music: Michael Chapman - English Musick

Aldous Harding - Fixture Picture


Mermaidens - Cut It Open

Song Crush

Fémina - Resist feat. Iggy pop

Rosie Lowe - Birdsong

Lizzo - Juice 

Chris Forsyth - Tomorrow Might As Well Be Today

Yves Jarvis - Into The Forefront

Big Thief - Cattails

Night Sentry (from the UTU soundtrack) - NZSO


Pearl Jam with Tim and Neil Finn - History Never Repeats (Live)

Matt Corby

Get With The Times, Rainbow Valley, No Ordinary Life, Light My Dart Up

Mo Muse - Friday

Bailey Wiley  - Zaddy

Headless Chickens - George

Mint Chicks - Opium of the People


Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

Marlon Williams - Come To Me (Live at RNZ)

Bobbie Gentry - Mississippi Delta

Booka Shade

Devo - Satisfaction

Introducing Samson Pax


Lemonheads - Different Drum

Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You

A.U.R.A - Immensely I

Nathan Haines - Lady J (Video Mix)


The Mixtape: Grant Smithies

The Commodores -  Machine Gun

David Bowie - Queen Bitch

Fela Kuti and Afrika 70 - Sorrow, Tears and Blood

Micronism - Rainbow City

The Meters -  Just Kissed My Baby

Top Cat - Request The Style (Project 1 Remix)