Living Colour

Living Colour Photo: Supplied


Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish from Living Colour

NZ label Red Robin Records on signing reggae icons


Jon Toogood on his forthcoming acoustic tour

Nick from Hopetoun Brown introduces an unreleased song

The Sampler: Blanck Mass "World Eater"


Lake South in session

Samuel Herring from Future Islands

Introducing: Fran/ Bar Group

The Sampler: Grandaddy "Last Place"


The Mixtape: Anthony Donaldson

Music details

Living Colour
Artist: Living Colour
Song: Cult of Personality
Composer: Reid, Glover, Skillings,Calhoun
Album: Vivid
Label: Epic

Artist: Chic
Song: Good Times
Composer: Edwards, Rodgers
Album: Risque
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Living Colour
Song: Time's Up
Composer: Reid, Glover, Skillings,Calhoun
Album: Time's Up
Label: Epic

Artist: Aldous Harding
Song: Imagining My Man
Composer: Aldous Harding
Album: Party
Label: 4AD

Red Robin
Artist: Steve Knight
Song: Dem a Fraud
Composer: Naram, Steve Knight, Art
Album: Outta Road / Dem a Fraud
Label: Red Robin

Artist: Tippa Lee
Song: Salute the Veteran
Composer: Tippa Lee, Naram, Art
Album: Outta Road / Dem a Fraud
Label: Red Robin

Artist: Naram
Song: Fraudulent Version
Composer: Naram and Art
Album: Outta Road / Dem a Fraud
Label: Red Robin

Artist: Midnight Riders 
Song: Outta Road
Composer: Midnight Riders, Naram, Art
Album: Outta Road / Dem a Fraud
Label: Red Robin

Artist: Feist
Song: Pleasure
Composer: Leslie Feist, Dominic Salole
Album: Pleasure
Label: Universal

Artist: French For Rabbits
Song: One And Only
Composer: Brooke Singer
Album: The Weight Of Melted Snow
Label: N/A

Artist: Pacifier
Song: Home
Composer: Toogood
Album: Helen Young Sessions Live Acoustic Tracks 
Label: WEA

Artist: Jon Toogood
Song: The Great Divide, Home Again
Composer: Toogood
Album: Unreleased
Label: RNZ Recording/ Sam Wicks

Artist: Fazerdaze
Song: Take It Slow
Composer: Amelia Murray
Album: Morningside
Label: Flying Nun

Nick Atkinson
Artist: Hopetoun Brown
Song: Knitted Into My Bones
Composer: Hopetoun Brown
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

Artist: Merk
Song: I'm Easy
Composer: Merk
Album: N/A
Label: Merk

The Sampler: Blanck Mass
Artist: Blanck Mass
Song: John Doe’s Carnival of Error, The Rat, Rhesus Negative, Silent Treatment, Please, Hive Mind
Composer: Benjamin John Power
Album: World Eater
Label: Sacred Bones Records

Artist: Hex
Song: Page Of Pentacles
Composer: Hex
Album: N/A
Label: Sloth Records

Lake South
Artist: Lake South
Song: Binge Drinking And DH Lawrence, Double Grammar Zone/ North
Composer: Lake South
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Future Islands
Artist: Future Islands
Song: Ran, Cave
Composer: Future Islands
Album: The Far Field
Label: 4AD

Artist: Future Islands
Song: A Dream Of You And Me, Back In The Tall Grass
Composer: Future Islands
Album: Singles
Label: 4AD

Artist: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Song: Silent Running
Composer: Humphreys/ McCluskey
Album: Dazzle Ships
Label: Telegraph

Introducing: Fran/ Bar Group
Artist: Fran/ Bar Group
Song: Same Name
Composer: Ben Woods
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

The Sampler: Grandaddy
Artist: Grandaddy
Songs: Briush With the Wild, Evermore, A Lost Machine, The Boat in the Barn, Way We Won’t, I Don’t Wanna Live Here Anymore, Jed the 4th
Comp: Lytle
Album: Last Place
Label: Sony

Artist: Earlham Mystics
Song: Truth
Comp: Luke Abbot
Album: Truth
Label: Notown

Artist: Sylvan Esso
Song: Die Young
Composer: Sylvan Esso
Album: What Now
Label: Loma Vista

The Sampler: Anthony Donaldson

Artist: Clark Terry
Song: Swahili
Composer: Terry
Album: Swahili 1955
Label: Emarcy

Artist: Gene Shaw
Song: The Big Sunrise
Composer: Richard Evans
Album: Carnival Sketches
Label: Argo

Artist: Rava
Song: Verde Que Eu Te Quero Ver
Composer: Vasconcelos
Album: String Band
Label: Soul Note

Artist: Ennio Morricone
Song: Ritratto d’ autore
Composer: Morricone
Album: Bossa
Label: Amarkord

Artist: The Residents
Song: Kaw-liga
Composer: Williams
Album: Stars and Hank Forever
Label: AIM

Artist: Bleakley, Crayford, Donaldson
Song: Dots
Composer: Bleakley, Crayford, Donaldson
Album: The Truth Isn’t Always Ornamental 
Label: Rough Peel Records