For the next two weeks Music 101 stretches out to a five-hour format, from 12:00 until 5:00 pm, with interviews, reviews, panel discussions, live sessions, concert recordings and essential summer selections.

Devin Abrams - Pacific Heights
After 15 years of touring and writing with Shapeshifter, a band he helped to start, synth and sax-man Devin Abrams recently left the group. It was a difficult decision, but one that has allowed Devin much needed space and time for personal creative pursuits, like a new album from solo side project Pacific Heights. Melody Thomas visits Devin at his home studio in Wellington.

It’s been 16 years since influential UK electronic act Leftfield released their second LP, Rhythm and Stealth, an album studded with guest voices including Roots Manuva and Afrika Bambaataa. Now exclusively the solo project of Neil Barnes, Leftfield returned last year with Alternative Light Source, the first Leftfield album since Barnes parted ways with former production partner Paul Daley. Ahead of Leftfield's Splore 2016 appearance, Barnes talks to Yadana Saw.

Leftfield's Neil Barnes

1-2pm Music, Life and Death Photo: Dan Wilton

Birth, Deaths and Music
Yadana Saw takes a look at the music that accompanies our exits from and introductions to life. From the birthing suite to a New Orleans' Second Line parade, music is an important accompaniment in life's big milestones.

Near-Death Experiences and Vapourwave
Sam Scott takes a psychedelic look at our theme this week with Luke Rowell AKA Disasteradio; they discuss the “abandonded shopping mall” asthetic of vapour wave, and explore actual near death experiences and the music people hear when they enter the proverbial tunnel of light.

Dianna Kenny on Mortality in Musicians
Australian professor of psychology and music, Dianna Kenny talks to Melody Thomas about her research into rates of mortality among pop musicians.


Stomping Grounds: Ladi6's Christchurch
Samoan New Zealand musician Ladi6 has lived all around the world, but there's just one place she refers to as her home town. Join Melody Thomas and Ladi6, aka Karoline Tamati, for an enlightening and personal tour of 'her' Christchurch.

Production wunderkind and multi-genre multi-instrumentalist Thundercat plays NZ dates in February, bringing his fret-hopping virtuosity to St Jerome’s Laneway Festival on Monday 1 February and Wellington’s San Fran on Wednesday 3 February. To celebrate his visit, we crowd source questions from local Thundercat aficionados, including Ladi6, Average Rap Band’s Tom Scott and Electric Wire Hustle’s Dave Wright, and put them to the man himself.


Thundercat Photo: St Jerome's Laneway Festival


Unknown Mortal Orchestra live at St James, Auckland
On Saturday 12 December, Unknown Mortal Orchestra returned to the country to play Auckland’s historic St James Theatre, with Ruban Nielson and bandmates Jacob Portrait (bass), Riley Geare (drums) and Quincy McCrary (keyboards) joined by Ruban’s father, Chris Nielson, on horn duties. Music 101 brings you UMO’s psychedelic performance, recorded by RNZ Music’s Andre Upston.

Unknow Mortal Orchestra live at the St James, Auckland

Unknow Mortal Orchestra live at the St James, Auckland Photo: Emma Smith

Nostalgia Festival
On 20 February, the 1900s replica township at Christchurch’s Ferrymead Heritage Park will host Nostalgia Festival, an all-day music, arts and cultural celebration headlined by The Phoenix Foundation, Tami Neilson and The Eastern. Festival director Johnny Gibson takes Yadana Saw on a walk through of the site.

Nostalgia Festival Director, Johnny Gibson

Nostalgia Festival Director, Johnny Gibson Photo: Yadana Saw


The Mixtape: Barry Saunders
Solo artist and frontman for The Warratahs Barry Saunders chooses a C60 of songs from the artists and bands he's toured with in years both recent and past.

Music played in this show


Artist: Leftfield
Song: Space Shanty
Composer: Neil Barnes
Album: Leftism
Label: Sony

Interview: Devin Abrams (Pacific Heights)

Artist: Pacific Heights
Song: Dreaming, TK Funk, Summertime, Passion, IN a Quiet Storm
Composer: Devin Abrams
Album: In a Quiet Storm
Label: Truetone

Artist: Pacific Heights
Song: Airborne
Composer:Devin Abrams
Album: The Stillness
Label: Unreleased

Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre & Air
Song: Close Your Eyes
Composer: Jean Michel Jarre, Nicolas Godin, Jean-Beniot Dunckel
Album: Electronic 1: Time Machine

Interview: Neil Barnes (Leftfield)

Artist: Leftfield
Song: Release The Pressure
Composer: Barnes, P. Daley, E. Daley
Album: Leftism
Label: Sony

Artist: Augustus Pablo
Song: King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Composer: H. Swaby
Album: King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Label: Shanachie

Artist: Leftfield
Songs: Alternative Light Source, Head and Shoulders, Bad Radio
Composer: Barnes
Album: Alternative Light Source,
Label: Sony

Artist: My Baby
Song: Remedy
Composer: C. van Dijck, J. van Dijck, D. De Vries, M. Smid, R. Allen and Y. Sprey
Album: Shamanaid
Label: Embrace

Artist: David Bowie
Song: Lazarus
Composer: David Bowie
Album: Blackstar
Label: Sony


Artist: The Shangri-La's
Song: Leader of the Pack
Composer: The Shangri-La's
Album: The Red Bird Story
Label: Charly

Births, Deaths and Music
Artist: Sarah Brightman
Song: Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)
Composer: L.Quarantotto, F. Sartori, F. Peterson
Album: Time To Say Goodbye
Label: Angel

Artist: Paul Simon
Song: Mother and Child Reunion
Composer: P. Simon
Album: Paul Simon
Label: Warner

Artist: Bob Marley
Song: Three Little Birds
Composer: B.Marley
Album: Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers
Label: Island

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Song: Dreams
Composer: Stevie Nicks
Album: Rumours
Label: Warner

Artist: Liberty Brass Band
Song: Liberty Funeral March, Paul Barbarin's Second Line
Composer: Paul Barbarin, Michael G. White
Album: Through The Streets Of The City: New Orleans Bras Bands
Label: Smithsonian

Artist: Rebirth Brass Band
Song: HBNS
Composer: Derrick Shezbie
Album: Move Your Body
Label: Basin Street Records

Near-death Experiences and Vapour-Wave
Music details to come

Artist: Nick Cave and PJ Harvey
Song: Henry Lee
Composer: Traditional, Cave
Album: Murder Ballads
Label: Mute

Artist: Amy Winehouse
Song: Best Friends, Right?
Composer: Winehouse
Album: Lioness: Hidden Treasures
Label: Island

Artist: Flying Lotus
Song: Coronus, The Terminator
Composer: Stephen Ellison, niki Randa
Album: You're Dead
Label: Warp


Stomping Grounds: Ladi 6 in Christchurch

Artist: Ladi6
Song: Slow Ride ft Invincible, Burnin' ft. LO5
Composer: O'Bryant, Tamati, Weaver
Album: Automatic
Label: Ladi6

Artist: Ladi6
Song: Walk Right Up, Time is Not Much
Composer: Tamati, Parks
Album: Time is Not Much
Label: Ladi6

Artist: Sheelahroc 
Song:' If I Gave you the Mic'
Composer: Sheehan, Sheelahroc
Album: Paradigm Shift
Label: Loop

Artist: Ladi6
Song: Down and Out
Composer: Tamati, Park, Dyne, Matthews
Album: Time is Not Much
Label: Ladi6

Artist: Ladi6
Song: Ikarus
Composer: Park, Haru, Tamati
Album: Automatic
Label: Ladi6

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Song: Wesley's Theory
Composer: Lamar
Album:To Pimp a Butterfly
Label: Interscope

Interview: Thundercat
Artist: Thundercat
Song: Lone Wolf and Cub, Where the Giants Roam, Them Changes
Album: The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam
Label: Brainfeeder

Artist: Thundercat
Song: Is it love?
Composer: Keith
Album: The Golden Age of Apocalypse
Label: Brainfeeder

Artist:Jaco Pastorius
Song: Portrait of Tracy
Album: Jaco Pastorius
Label: Epic

Artist:East India Youth
Song: Turn Away 
Composer: William Doyle
Album: Culture of Volume 
Label: XL

Artist: Erica Miller
Song: Long Black Limousine
Composer: George, Stovall
Album: Reconsidered
Label: Private

Artist: The Clean
Song: Tally Ho!
Composer: The Clean
RNZ live recording


Unknown Mortal Orchestra live at St James Theatre
Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Song/s: Like Acid Rain, From The Sun, How Can U Luv Me, Ur Life One Night, The World Is Crowded, Ffunny Ffrends, Can't Keep Checking My Phone, Necessary Evil, So Good At Being In Trouble, Multi-Love
Composer: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
RNZ Live Recording

Artist: Thomas Oliver
Song: These Streets Were Clean
Composer: Oliver
Album: BeneathThe Weissenborn
Label: Etc

Artist: Louis Baker and Boca 45
Song: Soul in Top
Composer: Boca, Baker
Album: Single
Label: 45 Live

Artist: Devilish Mary and The Holy Rollers
Songs: Pretty Girls, Nothing Doing
Composers: Gregory, Wooley
Album: Devilish Mary and The Holy Rollers
Label: Lyttelton 

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Song: Prawn
Composer: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Give Up Your Dreams
Label: Private

Artist: Tami Neilson
Song: Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
Composer: T. Neilson
Album: Don't Be Afraid
Label: Neilson

Artist: Anna Coddington
Song: Slate
Composer: Coddington
Album: Single
Label: Unreleased


The Mixtape: Barry Saunders
Artist: Chants R&B
Song: I'm Your Witchdoctor
Composer: Mayall
Album: Stage Door Withdoctors

Artist:Eb & Sparrow
Song: Big Train
Album: Eb & Sparrow
Label: Home Alone

Artist:The Eastern
Song: Road to Erewhon
Album: The Territory
Label:Rough Peel

Artist: David Kilgour and the Heavy 8s ft. Sam Hunt
Song: Wavesong
Composer:Kilgour, Hunt
Album: The 9th
Label:Self released

Artist: Aldous Harding
Song: Hunter
Album: Aldous Harding

Artist: Cole Wilson and the Tumbleweeds
Song: Yodel boogie
Composer:Cole Wilson
Album: The Golden Years of The Tumbleweeds
Label: Viking

Artist: Delaney Davidson
Song: Broken Wheel
Composer:Davidson, Mueller
Album: Lucky Guy
Label: Rough Diamond

Artist: The Warratahs
Song: The Wheel Inside
Composer: Saunders
Album: Runaway Days
Label: Native Tongue