For the next three weeks Music 101 stretches out to a five-hour format, from 12:00 until 5:00pm, with interviews, reviews, panel discussions, live sessions, concert recordings and essential summer selections.


Noel Gallagher
When Oasis played Wellington and Auckland dates in March 1998, the tour made headlines on both sides of the Tasman for all the wrong reasons.

In March 2016, Noel Gallagher returns to New Zealand as a solo artist. Ahead of the visit, he speaks with Sam Wicks about (not) remembering those shows, some classic New Zealand rhythm'n'blues records, and his pre-Oasis background as a music fan in Manchester.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher and Sam Wicks Photo: Justin Warren

Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister
Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, frontman of British hard rock trio Motörhead, has died of cancer at the age of 70.

A favourite with generations of hard rock and heavy metal musicians, Lemmy served as a vocalist with Dave Grohl’s heavy metal side project, Probot. At the time of the release of Probot's eponymous LP, Lemmy talked to RNZ Music’s Sam Wicks about the record and regaled him with Motörhead folklore – in tribute to the man and his music, we revisit that interview.

Motorhead bassist Lemmy Kilmister performs at Hellfest in western France on 19 June 2015.

Motorhead bassist Lemmy Kilmister performs at Hellfest in western France on 19 June 2015. Photo: AFP

1-2pm: Music, Sex and Gender

Carlos Samaniego de Mariachi Arcoiris
Delving into the theme of music, sex and gender, Melody Thomas speaks with Carlos Samaniego, the founder and director of L.A's first ever LGBT mariachi band, Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles.

The "F" Word, Women and The Music Industry
Yadana Saw speaks to Evelyn Morris, Lizzie Marvelly, and Karyn Hay about their experiences of the music industry and what can be done to make it a less sexist experience.

Evelyn Morris, Lizzie Marvelly and Karyn Hay

Sex and Lyrics Photo: Supplied

The interview is part of a larger podcast hosted by Sam and Melody Thomas, available for download above or on iTunes.


Stomping Grounds: Mike Fabulous’ Carterton
Stomping Grounds is a new series, which sees the Summer Music 101 team visiting the home towns of some of our favourite musicians.

In this week’s edition, Mike Fabulous shows us his memorable haunts in his original stomping grounds of rural Carterton.

Lord Echo AKA Mike Fabulous at home in Carterton

Lord Echo AKA Mike Fabulous at home in Carterton Photo: Stan Alley

Leon Bridges
He might be only 26 years old, but Texan soul and gospel singer Leon Bridges makes music informed by a much older soul. Melody Thomas catches up with Bridges ahead of his first ever New Zealand visit in January. 

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges Photo: Erin Rambo

Jim Pinckney Remembers John "Brad" Bradbury
On the passing of John "Brad" Bradbury, The Sampler's Jim Pinckney remembers the drummer from British ska and rocksteady institution The Specials. He speaks to Yadana Saw about the man and the band.

The Specials' drummer John "Brad" Bradbury

The Specials' drummer John "Brad" Bradbury Photo: @thespecials


Mel Parsons live at Crystal Palace, Auckland
On Saturday 31 October, Westport’s favourite daughter Mel Parsons performed at Mt Eden’s historical Crystal Palace theatre as part of a five-date tour that took her to iconic theatres across the country. RNZ Music’s Andre Upston was there to commit the West Coast singer-songwriter’s set to tape.

Mel Parsons

Mel Parsons performing at Auckland's Crystal Palace Photo: Ivan Karczewski


The Mixtape: Eddie Johnston aka Lontalius/Race Banyon
At just 18 years old Wellington musician Eddie Johnston has already been releasing music for 5 years, first as Race Banyon and later as Lontalius. Eddie makes Summer Music 101 a C60 of songs that inspire both monikers.