Here's a kinda accurate playlist of this week's Music 101

The Amazing Nina Simone
The Amazing Nina Simone is a new documentary film by New York director Jeff Lieberman that traces the tumultuous life of Nina Simone. It’s a story about one of the most remarkable musical artists of the 20th century and her courageous association with the American Civil Rights movement. Trevor Reekie joins Jeff Lieberman to talk about her extraordinary career and legacy.


The Sampler - Nicolas Godin
This week Jim Pinckney reviews the new solo release by Air's Nicolas Godin.

Arli Liberman

Arli Liberman Photo: Dru Faulkner

Arli  - Fata Morgana
Known in some circles as "The Israeli Shredder", guitarist and ambient soundscape creator Arli Liberman is now more likely to be found in front of yoga class providing live sounds while yogin practice their asana.  Yadana Saw catches up with Arli upon the release of his new album Fata Morgana and what yoga poses are possible while playing a guitar.

Hear a playlist of music to stretch to in Yadana's Om-bience mix. 



Sunken Seas
Ryan Harte, bassist and vocalist for Auckland four-piece Sunken Seas on their second album Glass, and how they used self-inflicted cabin fever as a creative tool.

Introducing Beatcomber


Beatcomber (L-to-R Sam Young, Thomas King, Trent Williams, Sophie Scott-Maunder, Jonathan Shirley) Photo: Brett Hodge

Salad Boys
Canterbury's Salad Boys have just completed a 18 date tour of the United States in support of their debut album Metalmania. Josh Burgess caught up with the band for their two New York shows to discuss how the tour happened, how’s it going and get to the bottom of why there are always more than enough drum kits at their shows.

Salad Boys

Salad Boys Photo: Courtesy of Trouble In Mind Records

Gig Guide


A Place To Bury Strangers
Oliver Ackermann guitarist/vocalist of APTBS provides a self-review of their Auckland set at The Kings Arms.  He speaks to Zac Arnold.

A Place To Bury Strangers live at The Kings Arms
Touted as the loudest band in Brooklyn, NYC,  A Place To Bury Strangers left The Kings Arms in ruin when they performed in September. Music 101 was there to record the roar and hiss.

A Place To Bury Strangers - Live at The Kings Arms

A Place To Bury Strangers Photo: Stella Gardiner

Anatomy of a Song - Dudley Benson's 'Kiwi ft. Anne Salmond & Waka Atea (Dudley's Patriot Prayer Remix)'
Anatomy of a Song is a radio series produced by RDU 98.5 FM in Christchurch, which explores the sounds and processes used to produce a recorded song, using classic tracks from well-known New Zealand musicians. Each episode sees Spanky Moore at a mixing desk with an artist to dissect the different elements of one of their tracks, and to get under the hood of what it is that makes that song special. This week it’s Kiwi ft. Anne Salmond & Waka Atea (Dudley's Patriot Prayer Remix) by Dudley Benson.

Dudley Benson

Dudley Benson Photo: Supplied.

Music played in this show


Artist: Talib Kweli
Song: Get By
Composer: Kweli/ West
Album: Quality
Label: Rawkus

The Amazing Nina Simone Interview
Artist: Nina Simone
Song: I Put A Spell On You
Composer: Hawkins
Album: Feeling Good: The Very Best Of Nina Simone
Label: Universal Music

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: You'll Never Walk Alone
Composer: Rodgers and Hammerstein
Album: Little Girl Blue (Remastered 2013)
Label:Bethlehem Records

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: I Loves You Porgy
Composer: Gershwin, Gershwin, Heyward
Album: Feeling Good: The Very Best Of Nina Simone
Label: Universal Music

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: My Baby Just Cares For Me
Composer: Donaldson, Kahn
Album: Little Girl Blue (Remastered 2013)
Label: Bethlehem Records

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Mississippi Goddam
Composer: Simone
Album: Feeling Good: The Very Best Of Nina Simone
Label: Universal Music

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Why (The king of Love is Dead)
Composer: Taylor
Album: Best Of Nina Simone
Label: UMG 

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Composer: Benjamin, Caldwell
Album: Feeling Good: The Very Best Of Nina Simone
Label: Universal Music

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Four Women
Composer: Simone
Album: Best Of Nina Simone
Label: UMG

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: To Be Young Gifted & Black
Composer: Simone, Irvine
Album: Best Of Nina Simone
Label: UMG

Artist: Eartha Kitt
Song: I Want To Be Evil
Composer: Judson,Taylor
Album: That Bad Eartha
Label: RCA

Artist: PHF
Song: Sometimes 
Composer: PHF
Album: Soft
Label: Crystal Magic

The Sampler: Nicolas Godin- Contrepoint
Artist: Nicolas Godin
Composer: Godin
Album: Contrepoint 
Label: Because Music

Artist: Frankie Cosmos
Song; Korean Food
Composer: Kline
Album: Fit Me In

Artist: Aporia
Song: First Nail In the Coffin feat. Fazerdaze
Composer: Aporia

Arli Liberman Interview
Artist: Arli
Songs: Fata Morgana, Nebula, The Door
Composer: Arli Liberman
Album: Fata Morgana
Label: Marigold Music

Artist: Kadja Bonet
Song: Honeycomb
Composer: Bonet
Album: The Visitor

Artist: Floating Points
Song: Nespole
Composer: Shepherd
Album: Elaenia
Label: Luaka Bop


Artist: The Fakes
Song: Look Out
Composer: The Fakes
Album: [Cease and Desist] DIY
Label: Optimo

Sunken Seas Interview
Artist: Sunken Seas
Composer: Sunken Seas
Album: Glass

Artist: My Disco
Song: Our Decade
Composer: My Disco
Album: Severe
Label: Stomp

Introducing: Beatcomber
Artist: Beatcomber
Songs: Twiins
Composer: Beatcomber
Album: Twiins
Label: Beatcomber

Artist: Fuzz
Song: Let It Live
Composer: Fuzz
Album: II
Label: The Red

Salad Boys Interview
Artist: Salad Boys 
Song: Dream Date, Day Time Television, First Eight
Composer: Salad Boys 
Album: Metalmania 
Label: Trouble In Mind

Artist: Terrible Truths
Song: False Hope
Composer: Terrible Truths
Album: Terrible Truths
Label: Bedroom Sucks

Artist: The XX
Song: Sunset (Jamie XX edit)
Composer: The XX
Label: Young Turks

A Place To Bury Strangers at the King's Arms
Artist: A Place To Bury Strangers
Song: You Are The One, Mind Control, Straight, Deeper, Lower Zone
Composer: APTBS
Album: Unreleased
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Tiny Ruins, Hamish Kilgour
Song: Hurtling Through
Composer: Fullbrook/Kilgour
Album: Hurtling Through
Label: Flying Nun

Anatomy of a Song: Dudley Benson
Artist: Dudley Benson
Song: Kiwi (Dudley's Patriot Prayer Remix)'
Composer: Hirini Melbourne
Album: Deforestation

Artist: Shocking Pinks
Song: Every1(Death and the Maiden)
Composer: Harte
Album: Wake Up Children